Saturday, August 18, 2012

Freelance writing jobs South East Michigan - Get paid up to $ 350 for 2500 words

If you are a parent or a freelancer who loves writing on parental theme then Metro Parent Publishing group is just looking for you. The Magazine publishes substantive stories that reflect the life-style of Southeast Michigan and have a good mix of fun and of interest to local parents living in the areas of Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties.

Freelance writing job South East MichiganDetails about this Parental Freelance writing job opportunity -

Metro Parent is one of the popular online hub for the Southeast Michigan moms. The site is looking for experienced freelance writers to submit articles for their Print Publication magazine. Metro Parent publishes its offline magazine on monthly basis with 70,000verified circulation and about 2,25,000 Readership.

Writers are invited to select from various categories to write about -

There are 2 sections

Parent Pipeline pieces: 100-600 words. Short pieces on trends, local people, products, etc. of interest to parents/kids.

Department columns: 500-700 words. Currently include:

  • Along the Way (personal essays)
  • Little Ones (column on child development/behavior issue of babies/toddlers)
  • Big Kids (column on child development/behavior issue of school-age kids)
  • Teens & Tweens (column on tween/teen issues)
  • Little Lessons (how-to column for parents to teach their kids simple lessons, like tying their shoes, planting flowers, using chopsticks and more.)
  • Shop Around the Corner (profile of local business)
  • Let’s Go! (travel article on family fun destination)

Feature articles: 1,000-2,500 words.

Payment -

The payment will be made through checks upon publication within 1st week of the month.
The payment rates are mentioned below -

  • Features 1,000-2,500 words: $150-$350, depending on complexity of topic and number of sources required to do the story justice
  • Department columns: $50-75
  • Parent Pipeline pieces: $35-50
  • Reprints: $35

For more details about this freelance writing job opportunity, please visit the link mentioned below -

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Freelance writing job Bird Talk, get paid $400 for 2500 words

If you are a freelance writer and love writing for birds then you can earn up to $400 by writing up to 2500 words for Bird Talk Magazine.

Bird Channel is one of the most popular website for bird lovers. The website aims at publishing articles on the birds care, photo essays on current and historical events dealing with birds, the How to articles related to birds and also human interest stories. The Talk is generally directed to general population of parrot, canary, finch and dove owners and written for the adult audience.

Get paid $400 writing for birds
Guidelines -
There are certain guidelines for the writers to submit the quality content.

Bird Talk does not accept every manuscripts. You must send a query letter with details about the story or the idea related to the article you want to submit. Due to high volume of queries that are submitted every day, an average query letter will take 8 to 10 weeks time to receive response.

Payment for the articles -

Since the expectation from the writers are too high, the payment offered for the articles are also very high.

The rate are as per following chart -

$100 - $200 for short features (1,000 words or less)
$300 - $400 for the articles that are longer (1,500 to 2,500 words

The payment are made at the latter part of the month of the publication of the article.

So, if you have the love for birds, fond of writing for them and have some valuable historical knowledge about birds that you like to share with the words then this opportunity is for you to write and get paid.

For more details, please visit -

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Designer writers required - Get paid $50 to $160 for articles and Tutorials

If you are a web designer and love blogging then you can earn exposure along with good amount of money for writing articles and Tutorials for SpyreStudios. SpyreStudios is one of the website that pays guest writers $50 to $160 for submitting articles and Tutorials.
Designer Writers required

SpyreStudios is a design blog and looking for expert writers who can write quality articles and Tutorials with a focus on typography, design trends, inspiration, CSS, HTML, WordPress, jQuery, minimalism and blogging.

The payment will be done through Paypal.

Some basic guidelines for submission are as below

  1. The articles should be at-least 800 words and Tutorials should be more than that.
  2. The contents should be original and should not been published elsewhere.
  3. The contents that are already been published on SpyreSyudios will not be accepted for publication, so the writer need to verify it before submission.
  4. The content should contain your signature/ bi-line (maximum 2 lines).

If you are interested in getting some exposure along with getting paid then you should join -

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flipkart Genuine Affiliate program in India - Earn up to 6% affiliate commission on affiliate sales

If you are a blogger and want to earn from Genuine affiliate program in India then you must join Flipkart affiliate program for making genuine money. Flipkart affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate program among the Work from Home candidates who are interested in earning huge income from affiliate sales.

You can earn up to 6% every time a user clicks on the banner/link and makes a purchase on our site.

Flipkart affiliate program details -

Flipkart affiliate is really one of the best way to earn money online by promoting the products selling on Flipkart through your blog.

The all you need is to sign-up their affiliate program and use their banners along with the embedded code to help them track the sales lead through your blog.

You will get various types of customized banner that will help you to promote the sale of specific product categories.

How much you can earn -

The commissions on the sales of products varies with its categories. The commission structure is as mentioned below -
  • Books : 6%
  • Mobiles & Accessories : 1%
  • Computers : 0.5%
  • Cameras : 2%
  • Games & Consoles : 1%
  • Movies & TV Shows : 4%
  • Music : 4%
  • Audio & MP3 Players : 1%
  • Personal & Health Care : 1%
  • Home & Kitchen : 1%
  • TV & Video : 0.5%

The earning commission will be reflected into your affiliate within 3 to 5 days of delivery of the order. The payment can be redeemed by 2 methods Gift Voucher and EFT. The payout limit is Rs 250 and Rs2500 respectively for those redeem options.

So, if you are really interested in grabbing this high earning opportunity, just visit -

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