Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Freelance writing jobs at ProspectSolution - Pay rates between £50 up to £1000 per piece

If you are looking for Freelance writing jobs then Prospect Solution is the best resource for your writing career. They aim at providing writing jobs and exciting career opportunities to freelance writers of all field of specialization, preferably writers with expertise in academic niche.

They are looking for Top caliber professional freelance writers mostly with Masters or PhD Degree to offer their client the best.

Expected qualities -
  1. Should be graduated with a minimum of 2:1 Honours Degree
  2. Should have the ability to produce quality content and meet tight deadlines.
  3. The writer should have the access to academic resources and can write in structured and Coherent manner.
Facilities available -
  • You can also select projects as per your own working hours.
  • You will have the freedom to select the projects that you can handle.
Payment rates -

Prospect Solution offers best pay rates in the industry. The rate depends upon the quality and status of the writers. You can earn between £50 up to £1000 per piece depending upon whether you are a Premium or Standard writer as per their own set parameters.

The rates are as below -
  • Premier (First equivalent) Degree Level Work - £40 per 500 words to £100 per 500 words
  • Premier (First equivalent) Masters Level Work - £50 per 500 words to £125 per 500 words
  • Standard (2:1 equivalent) Degree Level Work - £20 per 500 words to £50 per 500 words
  • Standard (2:1 equivalent) Masters Level Work - £25 per 500 words to £62 per 500 words
  • Standard (2:2 equivalent) Degree Level Work - £17 per 500 words to £35 per 500 words
  • Standard (2:2 equivalent) Masters Level Work - £17 per 500 words to £35 per 500 words
How to apply -

For more details please visit -

Friday, December 21, 2012

Freelance writers required by Uvocorp - Pays $6 to $25 per page

If you are a freelance Academic writer looking for Work From Home positions for writing job and holds experience along with degree then apply for this Freelance Writers vacancy at Uvocorp.
Uvocorp is an Academic Writing Assistance Agency who hires Freelance Academic writers with experience and degrees only.
This is a market place for the clients and the writers where you need to apply through an Online application form available on their site. Your application will undergo screening process and you will be selected to work for them.

Payment -

The average pament will be within $6 to $25 for writing each page.
The payment will be done twice a month.
The payment for this writing job can be received through Paypal, Moneybookers, wire transfer

How to Apply -

For applying please visit -

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Freelance writers needed - Superior Papers

If you are a freelance writer and expert in the areas of writing Research Paper, Term Paper, Coursework, Application papers, Dissertation Services , Essays, writing thesis etc. then is looking for Freelance writers like you.

Superior Papers are not looking for any freelance writer but those expert freelance writers who enjoys accepting challenge.

What you can expect -
  • High Monetary Compensation.
  • Work stability and regular income.
  • You will be free to choose the project you want to work upon.
  • The payment mode is bi-weekly.
How to apply -

If you are interested to be in the Team of Writers for Superior Papers, please write to along with your resume and few samples of your writing from the above mentioned category.

If they like it, you can expect the reply back within 24 hours.

For more details please visit -

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bloggers and writers wanted - Get paid $20 to $50 per blog post

If you are a Blogger having your own blog, forums, website, journal, Article directories then you can grab the opportunity of earning $20 up to $50 for writing each post promoting You should have experience to the niche related to Photoshop and imaging processing or photography industries to write for them.
if you are one of them then Deepetch is looking for hiring you to write about them.

Deepetch also offers the opportunity of regular earning. You can write on weekly or monthly basis for to increase your earning potential or you can join their affiliate program.

The process and payment -

  1. The all you need to do is get register with them and send them your contents to their support team for approval. 
  2. The Support team will approve the content or send it back to you after modification (if required).
  3. You just need to upload that content to your blog or website whatever you have.
  4. The articles should be original along with the Royalty Free images.
  5. The payment will be done through the preferred method after minimum period of 30 days of publication on your website.
How to apply -

To apply for this writing opportunity, you should register through the Registration form present on the URL mentioned below -

Visit --

Best Dating affiliate program - Earn up to $1 just for getting clicks on links

If you are an affiliate and enjoy earning through affiliate programs then I think nothing will interest you more than writing on dating niche and earning affiliate commission from Dating affiliate programs. is one such Dating website which offers an attractive affiliate earning opportunities or you may say the Best Dating affiliate program for affiliates in India and each all other affiliates from different countries who are interested in the niche. When most of the websites generally prefer to pay affiliate commissions on sales, Lava Place offers you to earn commission up to $1 just for getting Unique clicks on their links.
 Short Review for dating affiliate program -

The Online dating site Lava Place of claims to serve 210 countries of the world. To make their site a big success and help the people around the globe to find the best dating partner they have started an affiliate program to promote it worldwide.

The Affiliate Sign-Up is absolutely Free and easy.
After joining, they provide marketing tools like a range of banners and textual links that you place within your site.
Every time, a new or Unique visitor clicks on the link or banner, you will be credited with the commission.
You will be paid up to $1 for each unique visitor from unique IP.

Sign up now and start earning -

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Get paid $1000 for writing Essays, stories and $100 per poem

If you are a Native freelance writer, lives in America and love to write short or Long stories, Essays and Poem then you can earn a good amount of money for your submission. An American Magazine "Subtropic" invites Stories -( short or long) up to 15,000 words, Essays, Poems from the Freelancer writers like you.
Submissions are accepted between September 1 up to April 15. Only electronic submissions are accepted and no other means of submission will be accepted.

Something you should know before submitting your write-ups to Subtropic -
  • The Editors of Subtropic want you to read an issue before submission to get an idea about what they publish and what not.
  • Generally they don't publish anything related to publishing science fiction, fantasy, other genre fiction, or anything with talking animals.
  • You are expected to submit only one story at one time and wait to hear from them before next submission.
  • You can submit a max of 4 poems at one single submission.
  • Your writings should be in 1st person present tense.
How much they pay -

They pay a flat fee of $1000 for stories ($500 for short stories) for North American first serial rights. Whereas you can earn $100 per poem.

How to Apply -

You should visit the link below to know full details about applying process -

Monday, December 10, 2012

Guest Post writers are invited - Get paid $50 per post

If you have your own blog or website then you may definitely like to get more traffic on your site and what do you say if someone is ready to pay you for your effort? Yes, you have heard it right. I am talking about writing a Guest Post. Every blogger knows that writing guest post is the best way to prove own expertise and draw attention of other readers to their own blog.

But what if you will get paid for writing a Guest Post. If you have your blog about video marketing, info product creation, ways to write more effectively, ways to write more productively, creating pillar posts, unusual blogging tactics, etc. then you should respond to the call for Guest Post Writing on "One Spoon At A Time"

Paul Wolfe invites bloggers to write a guest post on his blog and he is ready to pay $50 per guest post.

For complete details visit -

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Freelance writers required - Get paid from $25 per post and $400 for featured articles

The Saturday Evening Post is inviting Freelance Writers to submit submit their writings as per the guidelines assigned by them and get paid to write for them.

You can submit articles well-researched, timely and informative related to finance or your submission can be  unusual photo/story packages, home improvement, humor, transportation.
They also accept articles related to travel, fashion, entertainment, personality profiles, technology, communication with a healthy emphasis on medical breakthroughs, promising new treatments, prevention, and fitness.

In addition to feature-length articles, the Saturday Evening Post is also open for buying anecdotes suitable for “Post Scripts,” as well as cartoons, illustrations, and photos. 

You can also submit articles on the following niche - articles on gardening, pet care and training, financial planning, and subjects of interest to a 45-plus, family-oriented readership

So, The Saturday Evening Post may be a good resource for the freelance writers. They prefer the manuscript between 1000 to 2000 words in length with Buy all or First serial rights and Online rights.

How much they Pay -

They pay $25 for Post Scripts and $400 and up for the featured articles.

How to apply to them -

 You should send the whole Manuscript with a sufficiently stamped size SASE for receiving any reply.

For more details, please visit the link below . Copy Paste the link on your browser -

Friday, December 7, 2012

Simple Ad Posting job - Copy paste Text Ads on classified sites by Star Net Technologies

If you are looking for Ad Posting, Copy Pasting job then Star Net Technologies is offering you the opportunity of simple Copy Pasting Ad Text on various classified websites. This Ad Posting job opportunity is for Indians only.

If you are a Student, House wife, Retired person, or anyone who is willing to earn from home as per their own schedule, then this is a great opportunity for them to join such Ad Posting job.

How much you can earn per month -

Star Net Technologies claims that you can earn somewhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month.

The payment mode will be on weekly and monthly basis.

This kind of job will be a better option for Part Time earning for Students, House Wives, Girls, Retired persons who are not willing to go outside but want to earn money.

But since this opportunity is not free of cost, I would like to suggest you to verify the site before joining or registering with them. Though I didn't get any information about their scamming but still I would recommend you to check out the site first.

You can get details about registration process and Fees structure for this Ad Posting job on the site mentioned below.

Please visit -

You may also call them or email them at following details -

Contact: 09176531204/ 09600083466

Email :- /

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Freelance writers required - Earn $1500 per assignment

If you are just good at writing on any niche then you should try writing on SCRAP and take a change to grab High Paid Freelance Writing Job to earn between $600 to $1500 per writing assignment.
About SCRAP -

SCRAP is a Washington DC based bimonthly magazine of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). The magazine aims at providing useful information to the Scrap professionals through its articles and columns and helps in increasing their business profitability.

Though SCRAP is predominantly a Staff written magazine still they hire Freelancers for writing activities.

Payment rates -

Scrap pays between $600 to $1500 for single assignment based on different level of difficulties for the assignment.

Apply now -

If you are interested to apply for their assignment and earn big money Working from home then you should visit the page of below mentioned link -

Please visit -

Freelance writing job - $300 to $2000 per Essay and Interview

If you are a freelance writer and looking for some big or High paid writing opportunity then you should try Sun Magazine. You should be passionate about essays, interviews, fiction, and poetry (Please, no journalistic features, academic works, or opinion pieces) then you can send your writing to The Sun Magazine.

You can send some thoughtful well written essays on Political, Cultural and Philosophical themes. Basically they are just open to anything except the above mentioned journalistic features, academic  etc. pieces.

Payment rates -

The SUN magazine pays for your writing as per following rates -

  1. Essays and interview writing - $300 - $2000
  2. Fiction writing - $300 - $1500
  3. Poetry writing - $100 - $500
  4. They also pays little less for some short stories depending upon the quality of the write-up.

How to apply -

You should apply with your submission, types double-spaced accompanied by a self addressed, stamped envelop. You should send a return envelop else your submissions will not be acknowledged.

For complete details visit -

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Get high paid for writing - $200 for Healthy Lifestyle articles

If you are passionate about writing articles on natural health, alternative healing, green living, sustainable and local food, social responsibility, conscious business, the environment, spirituality and personal growth; in short, anything that deals with a progressive, healthy lifestyle then there is a big opportunity waiting for you.

You can earn from $150 to $200 writing each story on any topic that fits the above mentioned topics and submitting it to Whole Life times.
About this writing job and payment-
Whole Life Times accepts stories through out the year, so you can submit them at any time. WLT accept up to 3 longer stories 800 to 1,100 words per issue and can pay you ranging from $150 - $200 depending upon the quality of the story.

You can apply for regular topics that need research and experienced write-up where may get paid between $75 - $150 depending upon your topic selection.

You can also apply for the City of Angels (the FOB section that features short stories, newsy blurbs specially about Los Angeles, where you may get paid up from $25 to $35.

There are  few more opportunities of writing and get paid on Whole Life Times.

How to apply -

Queries may be sent via e-mail to

For more details please visit -

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Become a Paid Blog Writer $60 per blog post

If you are passionate about writing Tech articles or blog posts in a detailed and helpful way so that it can be simple to understand and help others to make it out then here is a big opportunity for you to become a paid writer and earn up to $60 per blog post + Additional bonus and Perks.

About Make Use of -

Make Use of is a daily booming blog that talks about cool websites, Tech helps, Computer Tips, Downloads etc. Launched on 2006, the blog now has active subscribers of 450,000 and serves about 20 million page views a month.

Criteria for fitting the job:

You will be surprised to know that the basic criteria for applying to "make use of" is nothing but your passion about Tech blogs, Computer, Internet, being socially active on Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon on daily basis. You should have stories in your mind to write regularly to feed readers' curiosity, and you must have good knowledge of WordPress Blogging Platform.

Payment details -
  • A minimum payment of $60 a post for starting authors.
  • Additional bonus of $20 for each post taken from our Story Ideas page. We give a rich pool of article ideas to choose from.
  • Depending on the performance of the article you might also get a hefty bonus.
Payment can be received through verified  Paypal account only.

How to apply -

Candidates fulfilling the required criteria and have passion about writing the Tech articles or other sections that will fit the "Make Use of" should just drop the Associate Editor Jackson Chung a line at : post4us[at]makeuseof[dot]com with links to your website / blog (if available) and also tell him why you would be a good fit for the MakeUseOf team.

For more details please visit -

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